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The Cyra Solar Superhero Team is on a mission to bring clean affordable energy to this world. Our top priority is increasing the amount of people who choose clean energy, by going out of our way to make it easy, affordable and accessible to all – saving both our planet, and your wallet!

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With our combined Cyra Solar Super Powers, we make switching to solar a breeze! Our skilled team of professionals provides residential solar panel sales, planning and installation with a spirit of friendliness and excellence, saving the planet and your wallet!

Why Solar?

Advantages of Solar Energy


Solar energy saves you money now and in the future. Your home will generate its own electricity for decades to come! Typically, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your panels.


Solar energy also saves our environment. When the sun hits yours roof panels, clean energy is created for your home. Solar energy does not pollute the air by releasing greenhouse gases, eliminating the damage to the environment.


Because Solar Panels are considered an investment, not just an expense, you can expect to receive a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit!

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$0 Upfront Costs

At Cyra Solar, we believe solar energy should be affordable and accessible to all. That is why we are committed to offering the lowest up-front costs and the most affordable system overall. Our in-house solar panel financing program makes it easy for you to add solar so you can start saving money and our planet as soon as possible.

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$500 Sign-on Bonus, PLUS 3 months no payments!



What our clients say!

  • When I first started the journey into getting solar for my home it was incredibly overwhelming; I started getting calls non stop.  Cyra Solar had a no pressure approach! I was able to take my time and when it came down to it, their prices beat out the other companies who quoted me.
    Monica Cuestas
  • Honest consultation and service. I'm so happy I went with Cyra Solar!
    Teno Gus
  • Cyra Sola has a very friendly staff, great prices, and quick installs.
    Jadah Mendoza

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Ready to Power Up & Go Solar?

The Cyra Superhero Team is here to help!

If you are ready to save money and our planet, Cyra Solar is here to help you get started and answer all your questions. Contact CYRA SOLAR today to see if your home qualifies for solar panels, and start enjoying all the benefits of solar.



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